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While we here at Sun & Moon Murals strive to illustrate our skill through ideas and images on this site, the only true measure of our quality and our worth is the pleasure and satisfaction of our clients. We offer here some of their responses to our artwork. 

"Sun and Moon Murals didn't 'make my house a home'. Mimi's artwork made my house my home. Her collaborative appoach to design and her excellent craftsmanship made the muralling process a pleasure, and living with the art around us is an ongoing joy."

~V. Corey

Elements staircase and Chinese staircase

"Thank you so much for bringing your talents into our home. It is a true joy to spend time in our children's rooms. Thank you so much for James' fantastic room "experience" - it makes for such great stories and memories. We love it!" 

~The Triol Family

Superhero bedroom and Asian nursery

"What you've done so far looks great. And we haven't even gotten to the petroglyphs yet! Sue has been saying that she didn't realize how overwhelmingly white the house is and how the entryway really livens things up."

~B. Perry

Petroglyph mural, during the muraling process

"Mimi painted a mural for our son's playroom that was exactly what we hoped for. We simply showed her two pages of images from one of our son's books, and she incorporated them into one gorgeous mural. The mural is a Hawaiian-themed undersea depiction and every time we look at it, we're reminded of warm sun, clear blue water, and lazy days on the beach. Mimi is a talented artist and was able to give us exactly what we wanted. Everything about the experience was wonderful!"

~M. Barbo

Playroom inspired by the book "Iki, the Littlest Oiphi"

"One of the store's top features is a mural by artist Mimi Noyes that adorns the upper part of the south wall. With colorful depictions of Moby DickThe HobbitThe Little Mermaid and other literary characters, the mural has drawn many customers inside."

~excerpt from the Bothell-Kenmore Reporter article, "Downtown store a bookworm's delight", printed January 17, 2002 and written by Andy Nystrom about Bothell Books.

"Thank you very much for allowing us to present our Ethiopian culture in such a beautiful way at the Children's Museum. In particular, we appreciated the beautiful painting by Mimi of the Ethiopian New Year. Many Ethiopian commented favorably on the painting after the show. We would like to give Ethiopians a further chance to see the painting by having it in our community office. Again, I would like to say it was a great display. Thank you."

~Mekonnen Tsegga, Ethiopian Community Mutual Association

© 2018 by Sun & Moon Murals.


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