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As the style, needs, and design of each mural is different, we here at Sun & Moon Murals use a number of different paints and practices to better ensure the final look of your mural. 

Painterly Murals

Murals that have a more complex and painterly style will most traditionally be done with either Roscoe or Artist's Choice paints. Designed originally for use in theatrical painting, these paints offer a deeper saturation than most other brands. The lush density of the paint allows the artist to get the same range of colors and the same ability to mix and blend that one finds in acrylics and oils, but for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, they are readily thinned with glazes  for delicate washes.

Stylized Murals

When painting murals that have a more stylized and graphical look to them, we prefer to rely on high quality interior paints. These paints has the benefit of being mixed to an exact color and quantity in advance, create smooth rich areas of solid color, and have a naturally protective finish. Traditionally we use either Benjamin Moore or Pratt & Lambert paint. 

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